To the left apprentice tinner Brandon Peterson holds a reproduction of an eighteenth century brass clyster (enema) syringe. The handle is turned mahogany. It is based on one pictured in C. Keith Wilbur's Revolutionary Medicine, 1700-1800. To the right, a clyster syringe and an irrigation syringe.

Price: $175.00 per syringe

(available only through special order, expect a long wait)


Chisolm Inhaler - developed by Dr. Julia John Chisolm working for the Confederate States of America to administer chloroform to soldiers prior to surgery. A piece of cotton or wool batting sprinkled with chloroform was put inside while the patient inhaled through the tubes set in the nostrils. This minimized exposure of the highly flammable choroform to the flames of operating lamps. When not in use the breathing end could be stored inverted with the tubes protected inside the body of the inhaler. This is constructed of brass with an authentic japanned finish on the exterior.
Price: $75.00  (available only through special order, expect a long wait)


Chloroform inhaler as used by surgeons of both armies during the Civil War. A prong inside the funnel held a piece of batting or cloth soaked in chloroform and the funnel was held over the mouth and nose of the patient. This style of inhaler presented more danger of operating room flash fires from the highly flammable chloroform than the Chisolm inhaler. This one is shown with a lighter "bronzed" japan finish.


Price:  $65.00


Tin case bottles - square sided for storage in a physician's medicine box -were widely used during the Civil War. Two originals are pictured at the right, one (nearest) with a cast pewter spout, the other with a rare tin spout and applied lip.  Sullivan Press has 6 different Astoria labels available. Otter Creek Tinware has reproductions of the Philadelphia Depot style labels available for quinine and morphine to fit this size bottle:

 (image is a low resolution sample.) Bottles sold with authentic japan finish.

Price:   $30.00 tin lip

           $38.00 pewter lip